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Review from Magic Cafe

A fellow by the name of Homer Arcana has come out with a book titled ESP ARCANA subtitled TEN AMAZING EFFECTS FOR TEN ESP CARDS, and that’s just what it is…ten amazing effects with ten ESP cards. You don’t need

Jheff’s Marketplace of the Mind Review

I think the big question here is, “Who is H. Arcana?”? He’s helped, and is associated with, Alain Nu (specifically his TLC television shows) and Alain left him the Shop of Secrets website to promote H. Arcana’s own material. His

Testimonials for H. Arcana and ESP Arcana

“In all seriousness H.A. you’ve blown my mind and taken a guy that seriously loathed anything done with ESP Cards and made him a believer. You’ve done something important and found that thing that’s been missing when it comes to